Pit Stop! Made by Fiona Soetrisno, Jaelyn Domingo, John Manard III, and Tian Wong, 

Pit Stop was made for Global Game Jam. The theme of the jam was Repair, so we decided to make a racing game where you need to repair and upgrade your ship in order to make it back home. Collect gears to buy your repairs and upgrades at the Pit Stops! However, the police are chasing you because you're stealing all of their gears!


WASD - Move

Mouse - Control camera


Left click - Boost

Right click - Plant mines, 1.5 second cool down

Space - Jump

The goal is to get to the golden gear, but you need to upgrade your ship first! Get at least the JUMP and BOOST upgrades that cost 10 gears each. But also try out the mines, they're pretty cool.

Your ship also breaks a bit if you run into things a lot, so spend 5 gears in the pit stop to repair your ship and gain some health back.

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